Sorcha O’Raghallaigh’s latest collection ‘Pearls Before Swine’ took inspiration from the Pearly Kings and Queens of East London.

The collection was inspired by the detailed and exuberant attire of the Pearlies from the Victorian era to the modern day and this is notably reflected within the embellishments of O’Raghallaigh’s collection. Each garment takes inspiration from the Pearlies through either three-dimensional floral motifs or flat repetitive button embellishments.

The silhouettes of O’Raghallaigh’s garments are relaxed and echo loosely the style worn by those in East Asia. The structured oversized kimonos coupled with wide legged trousers juxtaposes the feminine and fragile tulle button embellished dresses, tops, and veils. The colour palette is predominantly monochrome and inspired by the classic Pearly Kings and Queens colour scheme. However, O’Raghallaigh incorporated colour into two of her garments; the most striking being her cape. Every colour of the rainbow is integrated within the cape through acrylic buttons, which are hand sewn in the intricate designs and motifs so closely inspired by those of the Pearlies.

Alongside this collection, O’Raghallaigh designed three t-shirts, which take inspiration from her main collection. The hand-embellished texts presented in these t-shirts are inspired by the Pearlies use of text within their own suits.

O’Raghallaigh’s fascination with religion inspired the slogan’s taken from the prayer ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Full of Grace’ in reference to Roman Catholic religion which inspired O’Raghallaigh to amalgamate the two together to inspire her own creations. Together with the slogan t-shirts, O’Raghallaigh designed t-shirts with floral motifs mimicking that of the patterns shown within her main collection. These are produced in black and white and are made from 100% cotton fabric.