NOSOMNIA is a Copenhagen based menswear brand founded in 2015.

The mission is to dress mature men,while embracing a nostalgic touch of youth. The label aimed to develop straightforward but progressive pieces. To have the wearer truly situated at the angle of comfort and modernity.

The collections speak to the DNA of the brand: quality, function, and experimentation while elevating them to a contemporary space. Each item is created with thesevalues in mind.

NOSOMNIA’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection, “Angular”, consists of 11 exciting looks. The collection redefines classic uniforms with new forms and shapes implementing geometric principles into the design. With a minimalistic heritage the designers have tried to explore what is next to ‘nothingness’ – a space where aesthetic shapes and angles are added to the basics.

The Danish brand focus on details and quality by presenting basic streetwear cuts made from the finest materials and embellished with geometric detailing. The collection consists of an array of sweatshirts, tees, and jackets in a color palette of greens, navy blue, and black, detailed with angular stitching and prints for a ready-to-wear line that renews the essence of high-end.