Founded in 2009 TNBP has its roots in a music collective formed at this time, hence Tuesday Night Band Practice. TNBP showcased the SS16 collection during London Fashion Week with a static presentation and live band practice.

TNBP SS16 takes inspiration from the 1973 French science fiction animation ‘La Planète Sauvage’ or ‘Fantastic Planet’ by René Laloux, known for its surreal and psychedelic imagery. In light of this, SS16 pays homage to both earthy and otherworldly elements: Textured, natural fabrics including crinkled cotton stripes, lightweight jerseys, rayon slubs, wool cashmere mixed knitwear and hand woven traditional Indonesian Ikat are juxtaposed with modern repeat printed neoprene, technical mesh stripe and crushed metallic nylons.

The signature TNBP colour palette of black is strengthened by patchy, pigment dyed greys reminiscent of the near future world, realised in the iconic stop-motion film.

Contrasting elements continue throughout the collection with TNBP’s signature mixed fabric garments. Torn/distressed denims appear with leather patches and repeat stitch repair, styled with block printed t-shirts, and a neoprene and leather mixed evening dress.

Distressed leathers, butter soft suede and thick traditional motorcycle leathers incorporated with medieval armor are details inspired by works on exhibition at the Royal Armouries, London. Neoprene features and waterproof zippers add to the futuristic feel.

Robin and Mark launched the label with the initial vision of the brand to fuse their passion for music with their love for design. Strong illustration and a heritage in graphic design lead the way for the iconic T-shirt designs the label is renowned for, aesthetically the brand has evolved to offer full womens and mens collections, luxury leather outerwear and accessories, with attention to finishing and hand detailed elements.

The RTW line TNBP is stocked internationally including; Serpentine, Toronto Canada, Anma, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Le Gray, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Traffic, Los Angeles & Dallas United States, By Marie, Marseille France, Casting, Montpellier France, Springsioux, Paris France, Bambi & Faline, Nagoya Japan, John Bull, Tokyo Japan, Radd Lounge, Tokyo Japan, Cone De Jone, Hong Kong, LJ Fashion, Hong Kong, Apartment, Berlin Germany Kion, Frankfurt Germany, Luisa Via Roma, Florence Italy.


AMMERMAN SCHLÖSBERG is the NYC based luxury women’s brand, founded by Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg, who developed the line after meeting at seminal fashion store Seven in New York.

The RTW label comprises a feminine modern feminine aesthetic, for sexy powerful and strong women with a little bit of a dark side. Heavily influenced by costume and cosplay, AMMERMAN and SCHLÖSBERG create clothes balanced with layers of fantasy, undertones of magic, fetishism executed with a dark femininity; simultaneously introducing a thread of kitschy humor and girly playfulness.

AMMERMAN SCHLÖSBERG showed their AW15 Furry Hospital collection as part of MADE during New York fashion Week. The AMMERMAN SCHLÖSBERG muse this season has a darker side to her, referencing furry fandom, the psych ward at a haunted hospital, traditional Japanese costume, and the Guro Lolita subculture.

The lookbook which launched exclusively with Dazed Digital set out to explore the angsty goth aspect of the collection, shot in a high school Elizabeth explained to Dazed; “ Similar to hospitals, schools have square rigid institutional control that you either conform to or break the rules. My boyfriend, who shoots all of our lookbooks, went into a two day wormhole of school administration, phone calls for permits and eventually the Principal he had been speaking to just snuck us in after hours.”


PERCY LAU is the eponymous London/Hong Kong based premium luxury accessories line founded following her training at Central St Martins.

The accessories line comprises a modern aesthetic with highly functional luxurious finishing. Displaying an affluence in the Sciences PERCY LAU often implements scientific theories into her work such as the refraction theories she used for her glasses which appear to cut the line of sight.


Where past collections have boasted brutal prints and unconventional silhouettes, Asger’s SS16 aesthetic takes a more relaxed route. Not to say it mutes impact or individualist, but more reflects his progression as a designer to show strength in subtlety.

The designer’s relationship with his craft is quite literally evoked, with a love letter inscribed across and into the collection. Whether on rubber injected patches or lettered into printed jumpers and T-shirts, this honesty is an affirmation of the unapologetic connection personal style holds to its wearer.

The tranquil scene is seen through ecstatic eyes, with new prints being introduced. One features a wild forest in neon green, caged under Asger’s diamond shaped wires and logo. This marks the return of fresh digital and screen-printing. Alongside these tropical tones are the inclusion of reflective greys, dusty finishes, and see through plastic; all of which cater for the futuristic effect Asger is known for.

The silhouette is consistently relaxed, even when tailoring is involved and at the forefront. Jumpers, tanks and T-shirts are loose, but are intended to be tucked into wide shorts or trousers. The waistbands boast structured fronts and elastic sportswear detail to the back, enabling the marriage of suave and sport tendencies. Aloha shirts make a comeback and are styled with an exposed chest in mind. The idea is that sex appeal isn’t pretentious, but more free spirited and honest, seeing as the setting is it in the middle of nowhere.

Seashore textures include rewashed jersey and denim, which achieves a rougher and organic feel. Sportier fabrics are extremely lightweight, from nylon to see-through plastic, something that’s embossed in snake and crocodile texture.

Relaxed rebellion and love is the promise of this collection, both honest and unexplored.



Inspired by the musician’s practice of releasing white labels to test the reaction to experimental records. The white label record allows the relationship between the artist and consumer to be only about the sounds heard and devoid of preconceptions.

STUDIO WHITE LABEL is a clothing line, a series of collaborative projects, exhibitions and music releases. Founded in male archetypes, brutalism and creation through a reverence for the manufacturing and design process, not for it’s own sake but to create something better. We’re a design driven, customer focused brand founded as a reaction against name labels, the obsession with celebrity designers, and elitist price points.

STUDIO WHITE LABEL’S clothing is manufactured in Europe, a brand which believes in contemporary quality product; construction and fabrication are first and foremost.

Liam Hodges

Here for his final show with MAN, and on the grand occasion of their 10th birthday no less, returns Kent boy and Westminster/ RCA graduate Liam Hodges. Back once again and on song for the swan song.

The theme this season is Pirate radio, specifically the idea that a bunch of guys decided to grab a few aerials, jimmy their way into an abandoned building and beam out the kind of community radio that’d bring a tear to the eye of an OG like Tony Blackburn. As emerge every generation, these are the geeky, obsessive young men who relate to one another and their kindred, through a code of nods and winks (keep an eye out for Liam’s own graffiti binary coded camouflage weave). The spirit of that DIY, Blackburn gallivanting is imbued across the collection, in the form of climbing harnesses; bum bags and buckles requisitioned off seat belts. This season the focus is on textures and graphics.

It’s Spring/ Summer so our fine young men are broadcasting to the kids playing football in the park, and the collection reflects that mood with the 90s throwback jacquard football kit. Other rarefied details and weaves include the studio wall backdrop woven photographically into fabrics, military detailing on combats, jumpers and vests, the sharp colour palette of black, white, teal and electric blue and, so nice we’ll mention it twice, the jacquard. Get a good look at that jacquard, bleeding over the skin as rave camouflage. The nods and winks are further brought home through our lads’ choice of hairstyles and branded ID tag jewellery (Jewellery props go out to Slim Barrett).


ZYANYA KEIZER is concerned with the balance between art and fashion and sees her work as an expression of fantasy and an escape from everyday life.

Beginning her training at Central St Martins ZYANYA KEIZER later travelled to Antwerp to further her career before launching her own label in Amsterdam, having previously trained with revolutionary couturier Iris Van Herpen.

A recurring inspiration in ZYANYA KEIZER’S work is nature and the effortless yet complicated beauty it offers. Juxtaposing elements and fractious aspects of the natural world are evolved often to an ethereal quality, femininity with an edge.

Blending the hard with soft, and light with dark, ZYANYA KEIZER experiments with unconventional materials and silhouettes to explore the organic shapes of the human body, with heavily embellished garments and couture finishing.