Originally hailing from Frankfurt Paula lives and works in London. A graduate of MA RCA Paula Knorr shortly won the ITS Fashion Award in July 2015 in Trieste Italy.

‘Her Wet Skin’ the debut collection from Paula Knorr explores and dissects conventions of femininity, the collection was governed by a personal exploration of 25 women and their attitudes and understanding of womanhood. The studies pay tribute to their thoughts, wishes and anxieties around womanhood and femininity. About their inner feminist struggle and the circumstances which make them think, feel, act like the women they want to be. To translate the answers into visuals, Paula recreated these true feminine heartstrings into 25 different videos, which play with the interaction between artificial materials and nude body.

Paula Knorr has created luxury RTW pieces that respect and fulfil the thoughts of her muses; creating a new poetic womenswear identity: Loose metallic scraps are sliding down matte skin-like dresses. Frozen in motion, they create a contrast between artificial lightness and sensual velvety skin. Glossy fabric pieces are moulded around the woman´s shape, creating a relief of the body, surreal fixed in place by a lycra backside.

Paula Knorr has already won the support of publications including; Vogue Italia, Vogue, New York Times, and Dazed & Confused.


NOSOMNIA is a Copenhagen based menswear brand founded in 2015.

The mission is to dress mature men,while embracing a nostalgic touch of youth. The label aimed to develop straightforward but progressive pieces. To have the wearer truly situated at the angle of comfort and modernity.

The collections speak to the DNA of the brand: quality, function, and experimentation while elevating them to a contemporary space. Each item is created with thesevalues in mind.

NOSOMNIA’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection, “Angular”, consists of 11 exciting looks. The collection redefines classic uniforms with new forms and shapes implementing geometric principles into the design. With a minimalistic heritage the designers have tried to explore what is next to ‘nothingness’ – a space where aesthetic shapes and angles are added to the basics.

The Danish brand focus on details and quality by presenting basic streetwear cuts made from the finest materials and embellished with geometric detailing. The collection consists of an array of sweatshirts, tees, and jackets in a color palette of greens, navy blue, and black, detailed with angular stitching and prints for a ready-to-wear line that renews the essence of high-end.


Sorcha O’Raghallaigh’s latest collection ‘Pearls Before Swine’ took inspiration from the Pearly Kings and Queens of East London.

The collection was inspired by the detailed and exuberant attire of the Pearlies from the Victorian era to the modern day and this is notably reflected within the embellishments of O’Raghallaigh’s collection. Each garment takes inspiration from the Pearlies through either three-dimensional floral motifs or flat repetitive button embellishments.

The silhouettes of O’Raghallaigh’s garments are relaxed and echo loosely the style worn by those in East Asia. The structured oversized kimonos coupled with wide legged trousers juxtaposes the feminine and fragile tulle button embellished dresses, tops, and veils. The colour palette is predominantly monochrome and inspired by the classic Pearly Kings and Queens colour scheme. However, O’Raghallaigh incorporated colour into two of her garments; the most striking being her cape. Every colour of the rainbow is integrated within the cape through acrylic buttons, which are hand sewn in the intricate designs and motifs so closely inspired by those of the Pearlies.

Alongside this collection, O’Raghallaigh designed three t-shirts, which take inspiration from her main collection. The hand-embellished texts presented in these t-shirts are inspired by the Pearlies use of text within their own suits.

O’Raghallaigh’s fascination with religion inspired the slogan’s taken from the prayer ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Full of Grace’ in reference to Roman Catholic religion which inspired O’Raghallaigh to amalgamate the two together to inspire her own creations. Together with the slogan t-shirts, O’Raghallaigh designed t-shirts with floral motifs mimicking that of the patterns shown within her main collection. These are produced in black and white and are made from 100% cotton fabric.


MONOCHROME is a concept driven fashion label which integrates visual arts with fashion design, founded by Anya Kamarek and Hektor Kowalski.

Combining Anya’s training in innovative pattern cutting with Hektor’s background in visual arts and creative direction, the label’s collections mirror the unique and tailored aesthetic shared by Anya and Hektor, as well as their ambition to combine contemporary fashion with the various art forms that drive them.

A pervasive theme of the MONOCHROME label is a genderless utilitarian quality. Inspired by London life, MONOCHROME garments are made to function within an urban setting,with a focus on technical fabrications. Many of the pieces mimic geometric structures allowing not only an adaptable fit but also transformation into multi-purposeful uses. A signature palette of black and grey is seasonally updated exuding a minimal approach.

MONOCHROME reveal their latest SS16 collection:’PARAIBA’, a concept emphasising the technical process of fashion production from the selection of patterns, sizing, cutting, and specialised fabrics. Each garment is marked with individual symbols and each print is matched with a pattern creating a coded meaning.

The particular mood in this collection alludes to the existential notion that we live in a coded, numbered and classified world. At the same time, each MONOCHROME piece is intricately unique signified by a cryptogram signature, each one different. The designers, Anya Kamarek and Hektor Kowalski, hand made each print striving to create a stronger interconnection between consumer and creator in a world of mass production.



Established in 2013 by Creative Directors Samuel Membery and James Ari King, together their individual backgrounds blend fashion, photography and image making.

Central to the style of the brand is an intercontinental futurism that looks to an illusory paradise.

ITOKAWA FILM is executed with minimal styling, hypercolour print separates and sci-fi elements, collections are made up of recognisable but displaced silhouettes, the clothes are cut and fabricated to capture a refined yet effortless style.

ITOKAWA FILM are supported by retailers including; CORNER COMME des GARÇONS and GR8 Tokyo, OPENING CEREMONY NY, and PRIMITIVE London.


Stockholm based clothing and eyewear label HAAL was founded by Anders Haal in 2013, the line embraces a carefree and casual approach to dressing.

The HAAL stance to wardrobe is about lifestyle as opposed to seasonal collections. HAAL is supported by progressive retailers such as LN­CC and Opening Ceremony and has been a featured participant in Selfridges special project Agender.

The HAAL collection contains of everyday staples, keeping their comfort and utility in the format of a wardrobe for the loners and for the masses.

As a brand HAAL is concerned with texture and surface design. SS16 concentrates on traditional lifestyle brand vibes and Anglo heritage coding inform the aesthetic of the collection: Tennis skirts, polo shirts, V-neck pullover shapes, trench coats and khaki styles, rendered via cut out argyle checks, Intarsia knits, slashed cable knits and embroidered emblems.

The collection also consists of denim styles elongated with ribbing as well as see through denim knits. Further, Anders experiments with crystal pleating in moiré zebra, tree bark pleating and crushed jersey with familiar prints; “when the hated turned into heroes”, Loner, Arena world tour, iconic Scarface motifs.