ZYANYA KEIZER is concerned with the balance between art and fashion and sees her work as an expression of fantasy and an escape from everyday life.

Beginning her training at Central St Martins ZYANYA KEIZER later travelled to Antwerp to further her career before launching her own label in Amsterdam, having previously trained with revolutionary couturier Iris Van Herpen. A recurring inspiration in ZYANYA KEIZER’S work is nature and the effortless yet complicated beauty it offers. Juxtaposing elements and fractious aspects of the natural world are evolved often to an ethereal quality, femininity with an edge. Blending the hard with soft, and light with dark, ZYANYA KEIZER experiments with unconventional materials and silhouettes to explore the organic shapes of the human body, with heavily embellished garments and couture finishing.

For SS18 Keizer presents ‘Chiral’, referring to structures, such as molecules, that are not super imposable on their mirror image. Together with the idea of parallel universes, relating that even though everything would look and ‘be’ the same it would have a reversed effect, basically being very different. It all started with a picture Keizer took while travelling in Scotland, of a mountain landscape reflected in a lake. This is translated into reflections, duality and how organisms have a symmetrical sequence and duplicated patterns, like the cell division process and how even the smallest cell can look like other organisms such as coral, but has an entire different purpose and effect.

The image of coral like structures can be seen clearly in Keizer’s latest collection, as she implements beading work to make her garments multidimensional. These coral like structures act as an armour as well as embellishment. Creating a juxtaposition of hard and soft, both delicate and strong. Deep sea blues are matched with pops of red and electric blue, held together but a more subdued moss green and white. The white and sheer fabrics used throughout the collection give an ethereal feeling. The silhouettes of delicate tops are balanced with wide leg trousers. Armoured jackets give weight to an otherwise delicate collection.