Shiori Suzuki

STUDIO SHIORI SUZUKI is a new womenswear label led by London based, Japanese creative director Shiori Suzuki. An alumni of the prestigious Central Saint Martins womenswear course in 2007, Suzuki worked for many luxury brands in London, New York and Tokyo, gaining experience and refining her skills. In 2016 she decided to establish STUDIO SHIORI SUZUKI in 2016 as an independent practice to explore and articulate her ideas of what clothing can be.

Having presented the label’s first two collections, Volcanic (Autumn Winter 2016-17) and Red & Black (Spring Summer 2017), in Tokyo last year, STUDIO SHIORI SUZUKI is excited to be bring the collections back to London and to be presenting on home turf for the first time in this young labels history.

Red & Black

Looking to the powerful paintings of the Bauhaus movement, as well as elements of uniform design from the 1920’s Red & Black also takes reference from aesthetic and conceptual ideas of many counter cultures spanning over the past four decades, bringing a postmodern twist.

From the loud, anti, outspoken attitude of Punk to the strobing, energy fuelled luminescence of Rave, this collection is an expression of impressions of contemporary British youth culture. The concept of androgyny is explored whilst thoughtfully maintaining an essence of femininity..

An homage to the lineage of British underground fashion, RED & BLACK is the title of the upcoming Spring Summer 2017 Womenswear collection by London based Japanese designer Shiori Suzuki. Her translation of the various ideas which currently inspire and fuel the practice of Studio Shiori Suzuki.