‘Lost Memories’ is the fourth collection of SELF MADE by Gianfranco Villegas, a young Filipino/Italian designer from Florence.

Everything started when Villegas found an old photo album from his mother that was hidden in a wardrobe filled with pictures of his family from his youth. From this inspiration, Villegas started to relieve the memories from his childhood. Flooded with a deep energy, he started to imagine the life of his mother and vicariously relieved her past reflecting when she first arrived to Italy at 18 from the Philippines and how he became to be born in Florence.

From there Villegas began to remember his struggles as a teenager, drawing inside of himself an energy of hunger that he wanted to show in his collection. He found old diaries from when he was in school filled with poems that he then hand-stamped onto his collection. The sentiment of always keeping his head up and not giving up became the collection’s tattoo with hand embroidered text and crying faces.

The experience of being juxtaposed between a poor reality against the wealth of others in Florence is revenged but on his terms with Italian tailoring, silk hand loomed xenia wool, silver embroidery and faux fur.

Hand stitched, hand stamped, hand sewn dreams, SELF MADE by Gianfranco Villegas.