SELF MADE is a project born from Gianfranco Villegas, a young Filipino-Italian designer. The name of the brand originates from the designer’s turbulent childhood growing up in Florence, Italy, as the son of an immigrant Filipino mother who didn’t enjoy a privileged upbringing. He began to work to satisfy his obsession with fashion at age 14, eventually graduating in 2013 from the Polimoda Fashion School, in Florence.

Every piece in Villegas’ collections are hand-crafted in Italy with premium materials and tailored finishings. The overall concept is mixing Italian luxury with Filipino American streetwear and hiphop culture. The SELF MADE signature of hand embroidered 3D graphics is applied with silk thread using a technique unique to the brand. SELF MADE sneakers are made in collaboration with Leonardo Amaolo in “Le Marche”, also known as the Italian Shoe Valley.

SELF MADE is distributed by Riccardo Grassi showroom to multi-brand stores worldwide: America, Asia and Europe. Villegas presented its latest collections during men’s Paris fashion week.

SELF MADE has been featured in established publications such as Vogue Japan, Numerò Japan, Vogue Italia, WWD, L’ Officiel , i-D magazine, Ginza and many more. In June of 2017 SELF MADE was selected as a finalist for the ninth edition of WHO’S ON NEXT? UOMO, a scouting project of emerging talents organized by Pitti Immagine, Altaroma and L’Uomo Vogue. It was defined by Ginza Magazine, as one of the hottest upcoming brands together with Vetements, Off- White and Marques Almeida. SELF MADE already has the attention of stars such as The Weekend, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Puff Daddy and Ghali.

The SS18 collection of SELF MADE by Gianfranco Villegas highlights the key characteristics of the brand and aims to highlight the importance of always being loyal to our original identity. The garments represent the two cultures embedded in the designer: Italian classicism combined with the hip hop movement. The collection originates from the power of the sentence “WE GOT SOUL”, iconic during the 70’s. The brand has always transmitted heritage and personality, collection after collection, placing soul at the base of everything. The concept is in harmony with the social contemporary situation, living in shifting times.