GRAND BASSIN premium collection by sample-cm is exclusively handmade in Berlin, the capital of sportswear. The collections combine high fashion with functional design and explore the relationship between user and clothing.

This mentality behind Sample-cm is rooted in the designer Margot Charbonnier’s sociology background, which inspires her to bring an interactive approach to Sample-cm’s clothing design. Each Grand Bassin garment functions as a set of equipment that stretches the body to the limits of action spaces.

Accompanied by the label’s signature straps and user-friendly instructions, each piece can be adjusted and transformed by the users, inviting them to experience the clothing as a full-body and personalised practice. The wearer is alternatively free to enjoy each garment as a ready-to-wear piece.

All Grand Bassin equipment is handmade exclusively right here in the Berlin-Neukölln studio with great attention to detail and therefore unique to the wearer, at the same time remaining accessible.The four Grand Bassin seasons created so far are all in conversation with one another. Each new season builds on previous ones to form a coherent creative project that is in constant development.For the AW17 collection, Grand Bassin signature equipment is wound around the body using satin ribbons.

The clothing, kit and equipment are available on the Sample-cm online store.