Garments that can be worn in multiple ways, with multiple layers, adjustable zips and reversible sides. Classic hoodies and reused clothes, reinvented and reconstructed into new pieces. Innovative silhouettes and bright colors.

This is the new collection of the Amsterdam based all-female collective RECONSTRUCT. On february 1st, the last day of Copenhagen Fashion week, at 10pm RECONSTRUCT Collective presented their AW 18/19 collection at the Copenhagen indoor Skatepark. The collection named REGENERATION, styled by Giuliano Bolivar, consists of 25 men’s and women’s looks and is a metaphor for the growth they have experienced since they started their journey together 1.5 year ago.

REGENERATION can be interpreted in two different ways. First, regeneration stands for the ability to recreate lost or damaged issues. Something that everyone gets to deal with in their lives in all types of degrees. Regeneration can also be interpreted as the RE-Generation, the generation of Reconstruct, the youth that we want to empower and inspire. The youth that is growing up with them into young adults, eager to make changes and conquer the status quo. Regeneration is a story about evolution.

The collection tells a story about 5 very different individuals, all characters of their own. Characters that are all going through some big changes in their lives. A new generation of freshly graduated high school kids preparing for a new chapter in their lives. Bonded by the place they came from, their high school, now all heading their own way. This is the story of the RE-Generation; Following 5 characters during an important transition in their life: The bro, the outcast, the troublemaker, the artyfarty and the overachiever. Different individuals that all together make such an interesting whole.

For this collection the collective once again teamed up with Converse. The brand provided them their classic One Star, known as a classic skater shoe. RECONSTRUCT wanted to honour this status of the shoe and add a skater vibe into their collection, which goes perfectly together with the 5 misfits of the REGENERATION. It became the connection between them, the theme that perfectly brings the 5 of them together. The location of the show conveys the theme perfectly and was provided by the Dutch Ambassade in Copenhagen. For this collection the female collective also collaborated with the New Originals; who provided some of their trousers not only for them to reconstruct but also for the 20 skaters that were part of the collective’s choreography during the show. In this choreography, curated by Lars van der Grift, 20 skaters all wore trousers from the Amsterdam based brand.

All of this eventually lead to the use of bold colours interspersed with black and white, a perfectly nuanced mixture of sporty, sexy and cosy silhouettes made with a wide variety of high quality fabrics. From water resistant nylons to raw workwear twills, from sophisticated pinstripes to cozy terry and faux fur, this collection shows they can all work in perfect harmony.

Along with their collection the collective also launched their very own web shop: