RECONSTRUCT, an Amsterdam based collective that consists of 5 unique and powerful female individuals uniting forces into one extra-terrestrial dream team.

The aim of the collective is to combine these individual specialties and gather everyone’s strengths to make big powerful waves. During the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashionweek, the collective presented their latest SS18 collection ‘RESURRECCIÓN’. This collection was inspired by the strength and power based on anime. The collection, styled by JeanPaul Paula, consists of 17 looks with a bold colour palette and renewing silhouettes. Thereby bringing their own anime characters to life.

The looks can be traced back to three stages: Couture, Culture and Division Wear, these states were also embedded into the catwalk.

Couture Wear is all about showstoppers, one-of-a-kind designs with extraordinary fabric manipulations. Such as velvet burnout, hand-dying and a corset body piece made out of the classic Chuck Taylor.

Culture Wear is all about the now. What is buzzing on the streets. What does the contemporary youth want and what are they wearing, while focusing on sports and leisurewear the designers created garments with a more commercial approach. Thus creating a reconstructed new silhouette of the iconic Chuck Taylor.

Division Wear is based on incorporating workwear alongside functional clothing. Garments with multiple stages and functions, pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, with layers and reversible sides. This can be seen in the different styles of life vests and the reconstructed iconic Chuck Taylors which are transformed into feminine army boots.

Apart from the main ‘RESURRECCIÓN’ collection the collective also presented a low-key all black collection that consists of two different black hoodies and two different black trousers. This ‘ENTRY LEVEL’ collection was presented on a RECONSTRUCT army that was part of the set design and choreography that was created by Dennis vanderBroeck Studio.