RÄTHEL & WOLF is is a London-based jewellery label founded in 2016 by designers Sari Räthel and Ricarda Wolf.

The award-winning duo explore new ways of wearing jewellery and create forms directly on the body, subverting the norms of gender identity and body awareness. Räthel herself attained a Masters of Art in Jewellery & Metal at the Royal College of Art in London and was highly awarded for her graduate collection, which propelled her forward into her partnership with Wolf and so Räthel & Wolf was born.

Räthel & Wolf strive to contribute to a wider shift away from traditional gender constructs, with progressive desirable gender-fluid jewellery collections. The designers are heavily influenced by gender identity and body awareness. The two explore adorning the body in their latest collection, made up of 14 pieces of sterling silver or black rhodium. The pieces are designed to match up with shapes found across the body, asking for a wearer who is willing to listen to what the jewellery is saying. The pieces fit into sensual areas that reveal themselves upon closer inspection, confronting the wearer to make them question the limits of traditional jewellery design. By creating pieces that sit under the nail, in the ear canal or behind the ear these designers are asking the wearer to experience the jewellery and their own body fully.

Räthel & Wolf find that collaborating with other designers brings out new and interesting ideas in their design process. The challenge is finding ways to integrate their jewellery into fashion collections seamlessly. Doing away with gender roles Räthel & Wolf pieces embrace the idea that they are for the wearer. No longer driven by attracting the opposite sex women and men can experiment with jewellery in ways that please themselves. The most recent collection has a soft romanticism about it, as the jewellery is free to move around the body and find it’s rightful place. Working itself into spaces otherwise forgotten about in traditional jewellery design.