Founded in April 2013, Stockholm based menswear accessory line MURKY comprises a dark aesthetic and an alternative approach to luxury men’s jewellery.

MURKY AW17 UNEARTHING began as an investigation conducted prior to a brand exhibition MURKY designers Mike Årsjö and Emelica Lidman curated at the beginning of the year. The exhibition was a retrospect of the previous four years named ‘UNEARTHING MURKY. The collection emphasises the rawness that MURKY jewellery entails, but also a focus on subtle technical details used in some of the most distinctive pieces. The result is a series of jewellery that embodies the signature aesthetic with a strong sense of individuality and clarity.

Arising to a divide of the dark vs. the transparent.
Contemplating to remain, or pass on,
the continuum meaning a search forward,
To remain; a tranquil solitude.

In anticipation for what will be, we commence the journey within:
A searching, a longing, to reach, is manifested through:
A ritual with focus on the movement, the skin and the sensation.

Arising from the dark above the murky surface.

MURKY sees the hand as the origin and centre of its vision. The hand embodies the silent/unspoken statement.
MURKY determines the hands to be the forefront of its movement. The human strife comes alive in the hands.

MURKY is handcrafted men’s jewellery with its origin in Stockholm. The founders Emelica Lidman and Mike Årsjö discovered a mutual appreciation for a darker aesthetic of silver. MURKY values the permanence of precious metal and craft.