Founded in 2012, Stockholm based menswear label MLTV challenges conventional design through the use of pure geometry and a progressive mindset.

MLTV clothing is a minimalist unconventional menswear brand based in Stockholm and London, creating collections explored through architectural and monochromatic dimensions. Inspired by geometry and raw shapes, MLTV introduces laser sharp cuts and silhouettes. The collections feature multifunctional and transformable pieces that fit into a consumers everyday life. The result is a bold, sporty look, which is daring yet minimal. Designed and produced entirely within the European Union, MLTV embraces slow fashion. The underpinning values are quality and fair production as MLTV is involved in every component of manufacturing.

MLTV SS18 collection simply explores the sense of entirety hanging on a loose thread. Such essence is prominent throughout the collection by the means of distinct but understated colour blocks, diffusing definitive masculinity. This paired with the sensuality of sheer fabric and delicate layering exhibits gender fluidity. MLTV looks to diversify the idea of what it means to be masculine. Experimenting with fabrics and the hiding or revealing of skin, portrays how menswear can evolve along with the modern world. MLTV shows that men no longer need to be bound to convention when it comes to how they choose to dress. The SS18 pieces capture the original influence of heaviness in harmony with delicacy. The brands progressive minimalistic heritage remaining true via the soft monochrome reflections.

The MLTV collection is distinguishable by its masculine dimensions and has continued to incorporate a multi-functionality feature as the components are movable and detachable. This notion is featured in the nylon ribbon detailed Silk Overcoat and Ribbon Vest as well as extended shirts. The fabrics used express the conflicting intention of the collection: where dense cottons, polyester and viscose intersect voluptuous silk. MLTV continues to develop it’s creative sensuality by releasing masculinity.