M.Y.O.B NYC, standing for ‘Mind Your Own Business’, was dreamed up in Brooklyn, New York in 2009 by fashion design duo, Comi and Tanimi. The two began crafting jewellery and distributing it online, quickly gaining the public’s attention with their unique take on contemporary fashion.

After running pop-up stores over the world in cities such as New York, London, Paris Taipei and Tokyo, Comi and Tanimi opened their first flagship store in Laforet Harajuku, Japan in 2014.

M.Y.O.B NYC looks to capture the ongoing blend of NY X Tokyo street fashion. With Japanese roots craftsmanship is at the helm of the brand. Having successful infiltrated the jewellery market M.Y.O.B NYC have grown to produce their own streetwear pieces. This is an exciting extension for the growing brand as they truly begin to cement themselves into the New York streetwear scene. With pieces that ooze an element of effortless cool mixed with standout designs that people will surely remember, M.Y.O.B NYC have their eyes fixed on the world stage.

Graphic style features sit at the core of the latest SS18 collection. Drawing the consumers eye into the detail and message behind each piece. Colour, texture and print are the main focus of this collection. Mixing skin tone neutrals with bright orange and red, whilst being complimented by pastel shades. This juxtaposition works harmoniously across the collection. Denim is also an element that the designers have experimented with to a very successful end. Denim skirts, jackets and trousers show the versatility of these two designers imagination. With new silhouettes that show the consumer just how exciting a pair of jeans can really be. Metal detailing amongst the collection draw from the jewellery which started it all. With an understanding of jewellery design propelling them forward M.Y.O.B NYC shows just how hardware can be utilised as a design feature. Silver studs, buckles and chains speak of the harsh streets of NYC and the tough exterior that ones needs to reside there.

M.Y.O.B NYC caters for a consumer that is looking for pieces to portray a rough edge in a wearable way. The brand also attracts swathes of harajuku natives. With successful pop ups in Tokyo the brand can be recognised walking the streets of Harajuku. Harajuku culture is underpinned in the jewellery collection through it’s outlandish design. Not one to shy away from difference M.Y.O.B NYC embraces the colourful and eccentric Harajuku aesthetic.