Gold Sport

GOLD SPORT is a streetwear clothing brand launched out of Nottingham, England. Taking cues from 90s era British sportswear, the brand’s aesthetic combines unapologetic branding and distinctive details, inspired by tracksuits and sporting apparel from this era.

Still waters run deep for GOLD SPORT’S brooding, introspective new collection.

Titled ‘The Surface Collection’, GOLD SPORT encourages us to look below the surface of sportswear and its stigmas, and re-engage with its humble origins. GOLD SPORT makes shadows of its models, casting bold, black silhouettes, removing anything extraneous so the quality of the material can speak for itself.

The iconic logo work has been subtly played, eschewing flashy posturing for something more esoteric, a nod toward rather than an embrace of sports fashion. This is emotional camouflage that hides a contemplative interior. For walking on sand as grey as the concrete you’d hoped to escape on an overcast day.