ELLEN PEDERSEN presents her fourth menswear collection for AW17. Modernism looks to the maritime working class environment – embracing the aesthetic, spirit and hard labour of fisherman. Always mindful of her muse PEDERSEN creates a collection that celebrates their wardrobe and updates classic styles with her own unique twist. Having grown up around nature and with family members in agriculture ELLEN PEDERSEN has an innate understanding and affection for this rugged elegance.

In keeping with her signature style, PEDERSEN balances modern sportswear references with fine tailoring. Vintage workwear styles borrowed from her muse inform the silhouette for AW17, whose staples include slim polo shirts and sweats worn with baggy trousers and technical jackets. As ever fabrication is instrumental to the collection; sourcing fine fabrics from Italian mills such as SWING, Olmetex Spa. and NT Majocchi, technical fabrics are waterproof nylon, and water-repellent gabardine. Contrasting fabrics are skillfully combined; checked workwear jackets have a lived in feel, and are finished with organic rib to add contrast and a fresh take on a beloved style.

AW17 marks a progression into a more commercial aspect to the line and depth to garment focus. As seen in previous collections ELLEN PEDERSEN has worked on finishing jackets without lining to create lightness and developed further the finest fit and fastenings for her polo shirts. While the organic line, which is ELLEN PEDERSEN’s clear signature, has been used for pattern cutting technique in jackets and sweats. Having presented denim in previous collections, AW17 is elevated further with classic blue jeans finished with the ELLEN PEDERSEN logo.
Other standout pieces include an oversized bomber with organic lines with elastic in them, which create volume and a feeling of crease, characteristic of her DNA.

ELLEN always looks back to her muse and therefore the British subculture – the MODS. This fine boy has a longing for beautiful clothes, very specific and with a touch of a dark side. The Mod aesthetic is well catered for here; polos with precise tailored details, work wear style shirts and gabardine polos and jeans. The palette throughout the collection features nautical favourites; navy, checked green and blue but also a nod to the dandy with pale pink.

Following a successful collaboration in SS17 ELLEN PEDERSEN has continued working closely together with London based jewellery designer CONOR JOSEPH. For this collection CONOR has created two good luck charms in silver; one necklace with a bull for strength and power and an earring with a dove that represents peace and love. These beloved and iconic symbols pay homage to the working life of fisherman, talismans for good luck and a respect for nature.