conor joseph

Conor Joseph’s latest collection is a tongue in cheek observation on the influence of British subcultures that are prolific in fashion today, with Conor introducing an added theme of hammer horror to create a humorous mash up.

Stereotypical ‘chav’ street-wear which was once considered the epitome of bad taste due to its sign of low social status is now the height of fashion and a basic wardrobe staple.

Looking at the ironic obviousness of this trending fashion source Conor found this relatable to the obviousness of classic slasher horror moves with its repeatedly over-saturated movie formula, this led him envisioning a slasher movie scenario taking place on modern day council estate.

This combination created a witty collection of blood covered sovereign rings, bleeding knuckle dusters, classic hooped earrings that are covered in human veins as well as various other takes on this amusing chav-horror mashup